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Level 1

The Basics

When speed is more important than comfort

Or you need just enough supplies to get home


Level 1 has just enough of the basics to keep in a car, a suitcase, or in a small travel bag so you can launch into a bugout scenario with items from each category of survival in hand. Some people also call this a "Get Home Bag" because it has just enough survival items to get home or get to a bigger stash of stuff. 


It’s small and lightweight so it doesn’t take up much room and can be thrown over the shoulder by anyone of any size and run into the woods. But it won’t keep you fed or secure for long. It has gear to make fires, provide light, purify water, and sharpen a pencil, but you’ll have to get to a larger stash before long. You don’t have to have a bugout plan for this kit. It’s small enough to travel anywhere with a few items ready just in case you need to blend into a panicked crowd. 


This kit also comes in a low profile, highly fashionable shaving kit to keep in a suitcase, a glovebox, or a larger bag. Comes in a small black tactical shoulder bag as well. All food and water items have a 4-5 year shelf life.


Happy Apocalypse!

Level 1 (AKA the Get Home Bag)

  • 3 Emergency water packets

    1 strip of Aquatabs

    3 Emergency ration bars (400 calories)

    1 Emergency lighter

    3 Flame starter packets

    2 Cyalume light sticks

    1 Mini flashlight

    4 Hand warmers

    1 Emergency blanket

    1 Emergency poncho

    1 Rapid Care 37-piece first aid kit

    1 Credit card tool

    1 Cabela’s multi tool

    1 Multi use whistle / compass with 20 matches

    1 Paracord bracelet with flint and compass

    1 Mini Survival Guide

    1 Notepad and Pen 

    1 Hygiene pack - toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, tissue, TP roll, insect repellent wipes, sunblock, body powder, lip balm, 2 face masks