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It's just a lunchbox with a bunch of seasonings, right? Sure if your lunch is the apocalypse. Everyone loves a picnic, but this one is a little different. It’s a Bugout Picnic with 9 waterproof bottles full of survival goods that doesn't draw any attention.  



25 Stormproof matches

4 Firestarter sticks

1 Fero rod with compass and whistle

1 Bellow

1 Jute rope



1 KN-95 Mask

1 Sunblock

2 Insect repellant wipes

1 Lip balm

1 Toothbrush & toothpaste

1 Bottle of sanitizer


Tool Grease

1 Credit card tool

1 Whistle with compass

1 Paracord bracelet with flint

1 Tree saw

10 Zip ties

1 Fishing kit

1 Paraframe mini knife

1 P38 Can opener

1 Caribeener

1 Tube of super glue



3 Millennium bars (600 cal ea)


Warm and Dry

2 Hand warmers

1 Poncho

1 Thermal blanket



1 Hand crank flashlight

1 Mini flashlight

3 Batteries

6 Light Sticks



1 Bottle of purification tablets

2 Water Packets


Boo Boo 1

1 Wound Seal powder

2 Aspirin tablets

2 Ibuprofen tablets

2 Extra strength non-Aspirin tablets

1 Insect sting relief pad

1 Burn cream pack

3 Antibiotic ointment packets

8 Alcohol cleansing pads

8 Antiseptic towelettes

1 Moleskin square

1 Gauze roll

1 Gauze dressing pad

2x21 Gauze dressing pad

3x310 Cotton tipped applicators

1 Tape roll

1 Tweezers


Boo Boo 2

1 Butterfly closure

2 Fingertip fabric bandages

2 Knuckle fabric bandages

5 Small fabric bandages

5 Medium fabric bandages

10 Small adhesive bandages

10 Medium adhesive bandages

10 Large adhesive bandages

1 XLarge adhesive bandage


Additionally we included a Survival Deck of Cards and some real seasonings provided by our friends at Grill Your Ass Off

Bugout Seasoning Set with Lunchbox