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Level 3

A Balance of mobility and comfort

Blend in and keep moving


Whether you’re a man or a woman, it is highly unlikely that anyone with thieving intentions would prey on a diaper bag. I mean, who would want to take milk from a baby? This kit can carry a good amount of supplies and blends well into a crowd. It can support 2 people for a few days and has ample, redundant items from each of the 7 categories of survival gear, so we consider it the perfect bland of mobility and comfort. The hammock is more comfortable than sleeping on the ground and it comes with a portable stove, extra food and water, and a few weapons as well as the bestselling book, Bushcraft 101. Also available in tactical black. All food and water items have a 4-5 year shelf life.


Happy Apocalypse!

Level 3

  • 8 Emergency water packets

    2 strips of Aquatabs

    1 Life Straw

    1 1-Liter Folding bottle

    4 Energy bars (400 cal ea)

    2 Emergency food ration packs (3600 cal ea)

    1 Portable stove with heat tabs

    1 Canteen cup

    1 Emergency lighter

    1 Ferro rod

    6 Firestarter cubes

    4 Cyalume light sticks

    1 Hand crank flashlight

    6 Hand warmers

    1 Emergency blanket

    1 Emergency poncho

    1 Emergency sleeping bag

    1 Survival tent with fire starter

    1 Set of gloves

    1 Credit card tool

    1 Multi-tool

    1 Multi-use whistle with compass and 20 waterproof matches

    1 Paracord bracelet with flint and compass

    1 Fishing kit

    10 Zip ties

    1 Tree saw

    1 Tanto knife with flint

    1 Stun gun / tactical flashlight

    1 Mace gel canister

    1 Deft Get 163-piece First Aid Kit, including 2 facemasks

    1 Notepad and pen

    1 Bushcraft 101 manual

    1 Hygiene pack - toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizing wipes, tissue, TP roll, insect repellent wipes, sunblock, body powder, lip balm