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The Pre-Teen
Lightweight with the basics

Kids do chores, so kids need to carry their own weight as well. The teen and pre-teen kits are just enough to survive on if they get separated from the adults. These kits can easily be customized for anyone and can be upgraded as they grow. All food and water items have a 4-5 year shelf life.


Happy Apocalypse!

Pre-Teen Kit

  • 4 Emergency water packets
    1 Life Straw
    6 Energy bars (400 calories each)
    1 Pack of survival tabs (480 calories)
    1 Emergency lighter
    6 Firestarter cubes
    2 Cyalume light sticks
    1 Hand crank flashlight
    4 Hand warmers
    1 Emergency blanket
    1 Emergency poncho
    1 Emergency sleeping bag
    1 Set of gloves
    1 Cold weather cap
    1 Credit card tool
    1 Mini knife
    1 Multi use whistle with 20 waterproof matches
    1 Paracord bracelet with flint and compass
    1 Mini First Aid Kit
    1 Hygiene pack - toothbrush, toothpaste, hand sanitizing wipes, tissue, TP roll, body powder, lip balm, insect repellent wipes, sunblock, 2 facemasks
    Survival guide
    Notepad and pen